Thursday, January 19, 2017

         Stratus, cumulus, and cirrus are all cloud. Stratus is flat cloud. Cumulus is a fluffy cloud. Cirrus is feather cloud. These picture are all clouds. Can you guess which one is stratus?

         This year is the first year at Panyarat High School. I like this school. I would like togo to school every day. It will be better if the school strat at 10  o'clock. In this school have many interesting things. Teachers are all friendly and kind. They help me and my friends. I like activity class. It is a class that you can choose the class by yourself. It will change every semester. I choose Thai dance all two semester. Next year, I will choose Thai dance too! I would like to choose debate too. But I don't have enough time. At the weekend, I have many class of dance. THat is why I choose Thai dance.This pic ture at the bottom is my group friends. We usually do the team together.